Online Training

Real-time Online Training

No more excuses, you can train pretty much anywhere

You can now keep up your training and keep the important consistency even when working away, on holiday, living in a remote area or moving house with our Real Time, face to face online Personal Training and Pilates service.

I realise that online training can only reach its full potential if it is live and interactive. It’s not about mindless exercising, or trying to keep up with a video, it is about learning what your body needs and having an expert coach there to guide you.

That is why throughout the online training session I will be able to watch what you are doing, to check and correct your technique and tweak things as needed, and you will be able to see me, so you can watch specific demonstrations and see the sincere motivational talk.


£30 for 50 minutes

£20 for 25 minutes

How it works

Each online session lasts either 25 minutes or 50 minutes. There is no contract and can be used on a regular basis or as a one off – it is suitable for people I already train and people who have not trained with me before.

Email me to let me know your different availability days and times for the coming week and ensure that you will be in a location with a good Wi-Fi link. Next you will then be sent an email to confirm the booked session along with a link to click. Once you have received confirmation of your online session, please make payment for either the half hour or hour using the below buttons.

Alternatively click on the 'Press for PT' button to select the time and day you would like to book your online training!