I wanted to be pushed harder and be given a full body workout and find more effective ways to work out. I love the mental strength it gives me to translate into my real life. It spurs me on to work out on my own, it also helps me sleep better, eat better and be in a good mood! Before I started I had just recovered from an injury and was struggling to get back into fitness. I lost 5 1/2 inches off my waist in 8 weeks, I'm running stronger, feel stronger and I'm more committed than ever to becoming fit and healthy. I would tell others absolutely go for it, worth every penny.


I started Personal Training to feel more confident and fitter generally. I value that Rebecca keeps me focused and is patient. I feel that it is worth every penny. The sessions raise your self-esteem and you are not judged. The workout is always based round the individual, which is reassuring. From the sessions with Rebecca I have gained confidence, feel much fitter and it is a great stress reliever especially boxing!


I booked Rebecca to focus on core & weight loss, and wanted her holding me to account ensuring I go beyond my expectations. I find with PT with Rebecca you achieve way more than if you are just working out on your own. I have improved my core strength and at 40 was fitter & more in shape than I'd ever been. I also ran my first half & full marathon within 6 months.


I wanted a tailored approach to exercise and much was about increasing confidence on gym equipment. What I find most useful is the ability to adapt to my own requirements including any health issues. I am starting to feel more confident on gym equipment and feel generally fitter. I would tell people considering PT to ensure they be open and honest with their trainer.


I wanted to get more out of my brief time that I spend exercising and also progress my running. I needed a kick up the arse at times. Before started my barriers were lethargy, I’m very well practised at driving past the gym and not going. I tend to make more use of the gym when I feel less rushed and relaxed, so a PT Session on weekends worked. I would advise others to make sure you know what you want to achieve and then together you can work around that.


I wanted to improve my fitness but I was spurred on mainly by the wedding in a year and the fact that I had put a significant amount of weight on. I really like the variety of activities but also that I'm pushed to work hard. The motivation and understanding of what exercises would work for me are most helpful. So far my fitness has majorly improved. Although I'm not quite at the size I would like to be I'm certainly nearly there.


I began PT to be more focussed about exercise and losing weight - to be more effective about the exercise I did. I love the highly focussed and personalised - an holistic approach - ie we discuss my full week's exercise plan not just the session we're in, along with diet, motivation and long term goals. Also that I actually now workout for less time and am much for effective with that time, finally Rebecca never lets me have an excuse for not working out, we discuss the week and if I'm working away etc. we will work through how I can fit my workouts in. It has given me the confidence to run a marathon - I know I'm going to feel so proud of my little body when I've achieved something I've had a niggling desire for a long time. I tell people all the time that I used to struggle to justify the weekly spend on a personal trainer, but I really think its work the money, motivation, change in shape, focus...


thanks for that- soooo pleased with the results- was just the boost I needed to get back on track. thanks for all your help and advice- I’ve learnt a lot and especially more effective ways of training. I'll be sure to keep it up!!


Just to let you know that I really enjoyed my training with you, I know you are a busy working mum, and have a lot of clients, but your enthusiasm and clear love of what you do shone through, and was infectious. Every session that I had with you, I enjoyed and you concentrated solely on me and my capabilities during that time and made me feel very special. I have taken on board your advice about portion sizes and have borrowed some portion pots which are particularly useful in measuring things out like rice and pasta. You are absolutely right when you said that I wouldn't miss large portions, and on holiday, I made sure that I only ate what I needed. Don't get me wrong, I ate very well and different things, but I was conscious of not overdoing it, and as a result, have come back slim. None of my clothes are tight, miracle!

I have also taken a step back and looked at my alcohol consumption, and when I go out, I will have a slimline tonic every other drink, amazing for me! I feel better, and probably look better. The intensive training paid off, my stomach was flatter, my energy levels have soared and I even lost the fat round the bra line on my back. I fully intend to keep up the good work, now that I am at the new gym, in fact I am just off for a swim this afternoon. Keep up the good work, and thanks for every thing


Just wanting to say thanks for Saturday morning, I really enjoyed boot camp and was pleasantly surprised how welcomed we were. Although I can't actually move this morning!!!! Got to be a good thing right!!!! Thanks again, see you soon.


The sessions are going really good for me, I am already feeling a big difference in my energy levels. Thanks for interesting and engaging sessions.


I wasn't expecting to enjoy it having avoided exercise at all costs before, but since going I really am feeling the benefits of exercising outdoors with a trainer who makes sure you push yourself! I would not put in this much effort if I was on my own in the gym. I am getting married this September so my aim is to lose weight for the wedding - and keep it off thereafter. I have gained 2 stones in 18months so it is my goal to lose this excess weight.

I did not enjoy exercising - I am asthmatic and get out of breath easily so exercising can be quite uncomfortable. I was also was nervous about being able to keep up with the rest of the group and get up early for the morning sessions - I am not a morning person. But its not so bad once you're up plus the benefits outweigh the early mornings.

The personal advice you get from the trainer, and the variation in exercises means it is hard to get bored. I would say to others to go for it! I can't comment enough on how good it makes you feel exercising in the fresh air, it really does boost those endorphins. Not only have I lost weight, but my body is getting more toned and I feel brighter and healthier.


I was going to the gym but I found it hard to motivate myself, I used to cheat and take short-cuts but here, having someone looking over you, you are more inclined to do more. In January, there were people coming out when it was minus eight. I have lost two stone since January – for me, it has been transformative.


Just to let you know Im really enjoying the sessions. I like that the group all do the same exercises, but can be done at different levels and in my case be done at a slower pace or less repetitions. Working like this means I'm not holding the group back and Im not always last to finish ! I've even discovered that I can run.... well.. slowly.


Happy to have completed the 30 min run and recovery time quicker than last week, so all good!


I came along to Forward Steps Running Club to try to return to running 3 miles after a long term back injury. I have found that I enjoy running in a group with encouragement from the coach Rebecca and co runners, and the mix of all levels and how Rebecca makes it work with loop backs. I would tell anyone to use the group as your motivation to get out running.


I joined BOOsT Camp as I wanted to tone up and feel fitter. I wanted the chance to exercise in the open, as I found otherwise I didn't have enough time, too busy. I have found I have more energy. I find BOOsT Camp a good class, experienced and approachable teacher and friendly participants.