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9th March 2017
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I’m with the band

I’m with the band

Make a resistance band your favorite travelling companion

Easy to store, light to travel with and suitable for all levels

With their versatile nature and reasonable price resistance bands are often the piece of equipment I recommend when people want one piece of kit that is versatile for home and/or to travel with.


Resistance bands come in various formats, and can also be called tubing. Some bands come in a set with several bands varying in resistance. There may be a pair of handles which you swap between the bands (some have foot straps too). Others have handles that cannot be removed, but you may be able to increase the resistance by tying a knot at the end of the band (just below the handle). There around 7 strength levels of regular tubing, although you may need to look online for these options. I find ‘strong’ the most versatile for most people. There are some heavier duty versions that may be covered in material and heavy duty flat looped bands. Alternatively, thera bands which many people have knocking about (if you had had physiotherapy) can be used as a substitute in the majority of exercises. Again, for less than £10 you can also purchase door straps, where you thread the door strap either at the side of the door to use for exercises such as chest press (back to the door), or use the door strap over the top of the door and you then have the facilities to do a lat pull down. For some exercises though, just a stair bannister will act as an anchor. Some bands also come with instructional DVD’s.


As I have already mentioned they are reasonable in price, most being under £10.00. They are easy to store (can easily be kept under the sofa or in your travel bag). They can be adapted for different fitness levels, plus may be more suitable with people with certain medical conditions. Resistance bands offer strength-training without the risk of dropping a heavy weight on yourself (but do check the condition of your bands on a regular basis, and discard if you find a tear in them). However, don’t be fooled into thinking this is necessarily the easier option. Some exercises with a band are actually more challenging with a band than a conventual dumb bell. This is due to a band providing varying resistance, meaning the further the band is away from the body the more strength required. Plus due to the pulling nature of the band, the core often gets a good work out too. The nature of bands tends to compress joints less, help enable movement and works the body as a whole in a more functional way (moves that translate to real life actions).

No more excuses

So no more excuses……. time to go on the pull! If you are unsure of how to get the best out of your band, to work towards your goal, why not book in for a bespoke real-time online training session (you can see me and I can see you correct your technique). Plus, as an added bonus, have your exercise program emailed through to you afterwards for you to refer to – so again, no excuses. How to book and prices can be found @

Rebecca has a been a Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor for 10 years, and a Run England/Run Together. She has helped many people reach their health and fitness goals. If you need want to find out more please get in touch for further information and how Rebecca can help; / / 07984159824.

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